Kentucky All "A" Classic
Artwork Release Form

Student Name:  _________________________    

Student Street Address:   _____________________________________

City, State, Zip:   ________________________________________

Telephone Number:  (       ) ______________

Name of High School:   ________________________________

Name of Art Teacher:   ________________________________

Student Information:

As a participant in the Kentucky All "A" Classic Art Competition, I hereby grant permission for The Kentucky All "A" Classic to use and reproduce my artwork for promotion and/or the display of my artwork on their website(s).

Student Signature:  ___________________________   Date:   _________________

Parent/Guardian Information:

We hereby grant permission for our child's artwork to be used by The Kentucky All "A" Classic.  We understand that our child's artwork will be used by The Kentucky All "A" Classic for promotion purposes and/or displayed on their website(s).

Parent/Guardian Signature:  ___________________________    Date:  _______________

Please mail this release form to:
        Melissa Peters
917 Woods Run Road
        Bardstown KY  40004