General Information:

The Kentucky All "A" Classic is pleased to announce its annual art competition. Students are asked to design the program cover for the year 2021-2022 Kentucky All "A" Classic Basketball Tournament. Any student from an All "A" high school is eligible to produce and submit a poster design.


1.     The size of the poster should be no larger than 24" (in height) by 20" (in width).

2.     The work MUST BE PRODUCED BY HAND. (No computer-designed work)

3.     Any number of colors may be used.

4.     The posters MUST NOT BE MATTED!


First place will earn $1,000 cash award. There will be a second-place award of $500, and there will be two (2) honorable mention awards of $250 each.  The winners will be notified by January 21, 2022.

Additional Information:

  1. The artist�s name and photo must be attached to the back of the poster.
  2. Only one entry per student is allowed.
  3. The student artist should include his/her school name, his/her address, and the name of the art teacher at the school.
  4. The artwork will become the property of the Kentucky All "A" Classic and will not be returned.  The release form must be submitted and signed.
  5. The deadline for the artwork competition is December 1, 2021.
  6. The artwork and release form should be sent to:

Melissa Peters
917 Woods Run Road
Bardstown KY  40004